Yukie Natori New York head spa by Josiane Laure

The south of France is blessed with rich natural environment. Josiane Laure’s unique plant-based treatment products are meant for the beauty of the hair stemming all the way from the roots. Come and have your hair experience the power of plants from the south of France. Josiane Laure thinks that “being physically healthy will lead to the true beauty.” In today’s environment with high levels of stress, what you need for your hair is not just superficial, but full-fledged care procedures that restore your hair’s beauty from the roots while recovering your mind and body to their healthy state. Josiane Laure Head Spa combines plant-based treatments (phytotherapy), aromatherapy and the acupuncture-effect treatment that incorporates the oriental energy “qi”, whose merits together lead to a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.


1. Removal of impurities from the scalp and secretion of sebum are promoted due to the effect of rare organic aroma oils of from southern France

The ultrafine particles of essential plant oils with penetrate the scalp and control sebum secretion. In addition, they remove sebum impurities from the pores and keep the scalp clean. The treatment cream with rich minerals penetrates into the hair and provides hydration and detoxifying effects. Additionally, organic aromas bring deep relaxation.

2. Improves blood circulation by stimulating special beauty points

Stimulating the beauty points on the head and improving blood circulation from the inner layers of the scalp. Stimulation of points on the scalp which is connected to the whole body activates the capillaries that feed nutrients to the hair and provides the care needed for the growth of hair. It normalizes the blood circulation and the lymph flow in the scalp and creates a foundation for the healthy growth of hair.

3. Sleep therapy in a fully reclining shampooing bed in a completely private room.

A perfect relaxation with shiatsu massage, shampooing and the silky steam therapy in a private room with aromas and music to relax to. The therapy increases the secretion of pleasure hormones such as dopamine, so you can quickly fall into a deep sleep from the peaking sense of pleasure and happiness spreading from the top of your head to the rest of your body. After the treatment, your vision will become clear and you will feel as if you had slept for a few hours. Contains high concentrations of high quality organic essential oils carefully selected at the stage of picking the right ingredients.

4. Moisture Care Mist

We use the latest beauty equipment ordered from Japan to create the best hair spa. (Moisture Care Mist) The pores are open when heat is applied uniformly using superheated steam created by ultrasonic vibration, the hardened cornified layer of skin is softened, and cleansing is carried out without stressing the scalp. Enhances the penetration effect of nutrients and leads to a more supple texture.

5. The fully flat shampooing bed YUME

The shampooing bed YUME provides relaxation similar to that of being in a spa just through a shampooing procedure in a salon. Soft pillows on the fully flat bed provide the “spa shampooing” experience. You will be able to spend the time of your utmost “comfort” on it.


The 60-minute course is a high-grade treatment procedure at the Josiane Laure Head Spa. Effective penetration by active ingredients will provide deep healing through the scalp, neck and shoulder massage. We aim at improving the health condition and eliminating any concerns regarding the scalp and hair. You will be able to adjust your mental balance with herbal aromatherapy, steam therapy and sleep therapy in a private room with a fully flat shampooing bed specially designed for the head spa and to calmly spend your dream time.

Step 1. Counseling with a Microscope

A hair therapist analyzes the condition of the scalp and the hair roots using a microscope that enlarges by 300 times to select one of four essential oils.

Step 2. Welcome Massage

The Essential Oil and Scalp Hair Pack with fragrant essential oils is applied to the scalp and hair, and massage to stimulate energy points on the scalp is performed. In addition, the neck and shoulders are massaged and relaxed while improving the flow of lymph and blood in them.

Step 3. Steam Therapy

You will be guided into a quiet private room for head spa procedures. On a fully flat bed you will receive a deep shiatsu massage. Moisturized a with warm nano-steam, your pores will open, effectively promoting the penetration effect of the Essence and Hair Pack. The accumulated excess sebum will be dissolved, and both your body and mind will be detoxified.

Step 4. Steam mask

Steam therapy using uniform heating by covering the entire head with a steam cap in which steam is superheated with ultrasonic vibration. Enhances the penetration effect of nutrients into the scalp and hair leading to a more supple texture.

Step 5. Cleansing

The shampoo, which is rich in minerals, adjusts the moisture balance of the scalp and hair and cleanses the impurities that are usually hard to remove along with the dirt inside the pores. Completely clean hair will be easily penetrated by the ingredients of the treatment, which promises to result in beautiful and firm hair.

Step 6. Treatment

Keratin and protein which are essential for the hair as well as 12 kinds of plant extract components instantly penetrate the damaged hair.

Step 7. (Hot towel)

Warming the neck in which the lymph is concentrated will provide relaxation effects. Step 8. Blow drying can be performed on request (for an extra charge)