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Yukie Natori hair salon offers hair extension services.

In cooperation with Seiseta, we have ensured that we use 100% quality materials for hair extensions too.

Seiseta is a company that is the leader in the market of hair extension production. The hair we take from them and use in our salon is 100% natural hair – 100% Remy hair. 

Types of hair extensions

Tape hair extensions

 from $500

Tape Hair Extensions have a thin and flexible structure and look just like natural hair. They allow increasing volume by 60%, creating ombre, highlights, and other color effects without the use of chemical substances, but the best part is that they can be reused up to 3 times. 


 from $700

Microlings have ultra-thin and flexible structure too. They provide perhaps the most natural hair look. This technique requires long hair, a healthy scalp, and complete coverage with natural hair as it is applied almost to the roots. If the client has the problem with hair loss, another technique must be considered.

Clips – 3 set

 from $500

Ultra-thin, flexible, and gentle structure. The main benefit of this type is that it is reusable. The second benefit is that the application and removal of these extensions are easy, simple, and fast.

Who will take care of your hair?

Meet our new master hair stylist, Germano!

His artistic talents include all aspects of hair, but he specializes in extremely thin, thick, and curly hair with her precise hair cutting techniques, one-of-a-kind color applications, and by knowing all forms of hair extensions.

He has had the opportunity to work in New York City fashion week as well worked on photo shoots and various fashion shows! 

Whether you prefer a natural look or a work of art that only you can dream up, Germano will design and create a look that is unique to you.

 Lets make your hair stunning with hair extensions of highest quality. Book your appointment today.

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