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Head spa by Josiane Laure

The south of France is blessed with rich natural environment. Josiane Laure’s unique plant-based treatment products are meant for the beauty of the hair stemming all the way from the roots. Come and have your hair experience the power of plants from the south of France. Josiane Laure thinks that “being physically healthy will lead to the true beauty.”


In today’s environment with high levels of stress, what you need for your hair is not just superficial, but full-fledged care procedures that restore your hair’s beauty from the roots while recovering your mind and body to their healthy state. Josiane Laure Head Spa combines plant-based treatments (phytotherapy), aromatherapy and the acupuncture-effect treatment that incorporates the oriental energy “qi”, whose merits together lead to a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.


75 min course, Dry head spa, Dry Head Spa + Eye Strain Relieving Massage


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