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Body Wrap Treatment

The body wrap is a spa treatment that includes wrapping the body with plastic, cloth, or bandage to stimulate detoxification, body relaxation, slimming, and enhancing overall health. This cosmetic treatment is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its effectiveness and the many benefits for the body. Some benefits include improving skin appearance, reducing cellulite, increasing circulation, and muscle pain relief. The body wrap is usually combined with massage and scrub treatment to increase the benefits of the treatment.


body wraps in nyc

Body wrap treatment, also called cocoon or body mask, typically begins with some scrub to remove dead skin cells, which can include gentle dry brushing. You can also choose the body wrap without exfoliation, but scrub improves the absorption of the wrap ingredients why it is good to be part of the treatment.

After scrubbing, you will shower to remove leftovers from the exfoliation. Therapists typically perform body wrap treatments on the entire body, but you can always ask to skip some body parts.


45 min, 90 min


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