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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique used to solve problems with swelling caused by lymphedema.

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Lymphedema occurs when an illness affects your body and lymphatic system. The main symptom of lymphedema is swelling in different parts of your body like the legs and arms as a result of collected fluid, proteins, and toxins in your bloodstream.

Lymphatic drainage massage as a gentle manual massage helps the body stimulate the drainage of lymph nodes and eliminate waste from your body.

As a cosmetic treatment, lymphatic drainage massage helps to reduce cellulite and improve skin appearance.

How Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work?

Before lymphatic drainage massage consult your doctor and discuss your overall health conditions. Your massage therapist needs to know about your health conditions and the body area you want to be a threat to the most.

To prepare yourself for lymphatic drainage massage therapy you should drink a lot of water before and after the massage, avoid eating one hour before treatment and reduce taking salty food, sugar, and alcohol before and after the massage for the best result.

Lymphatic drainage massage usually lasts about one hour.

The massage therapist will apply slow and gentle pressure to the targeted area to stimulate the lymphatic system. To produce the desired movement, the therapist will use flat palms, fingertips, and light pressure that only treat the skin.

If necessary the therapist will use different types of strokes as stretching, compressing, gliding, and cupping motions to get the expected results.

During the lymphatic massage, there is no hard and fast movement that you can feel in deep tissue massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage typically involves two main steps:

Clearing: In this phase, the therapist uses light pressure to release lymph fluid from your tissue

Reabsorption: Includes strokes such as pumping and swapping to move lymphatic fluid to lymph nodes

Keep in mind that during the lymph drainage massage, you shouldn’t feel any pain and there is no bad reaction to this type of massage.

You need to have a few treatments defined by your massage therapist for the best results.

Types of Lymph Drainage Massage

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Depending on the area of the body that the therapist treats there are two types of lymphatic drainage massage techniques :

Upper body massage techniques

Use to improve lymph drainage in the chest, shoulder, and upper arm.

Lower body massage techniques

Involve different types of movement to stimulate circulation in the legs.

Manual lymphatic drainage treatment

Includes different massage techniques classified by the movement that physical therapist use:


  • This technique is based on swelling movement around the treated area.


  • The technique includes a combination of circular hand motion and relaxation movement


  • Similar to Foldi, this type of lymph drainage massage involves circular hand motion applied by palms and sides of the hands


  • This type of lymph drainage massage tries to collect lymph fluid and redirect it to the lymphatic system.  

Types of lymphatic drainage massage the therapist use depend on your condition and the problems you want to solve with massage therapy.

Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

lymphatic drainage treatment in nyc

Besides lymphedema, lymphatic drainage massage can help with health problems and aesthetic problems on the skin caused by cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help to:

  • Improve circulation and blood flow
  • Reduce water retention in the body and bloating
  • Increase the immune system
  • Contouring body and reducing cellulite appearance
  • Relax the body and mind by reducing stress
  • Improve digestion
  • Speed up the recovery process

Lymphatic drainage massages can also help people with fibromyalgia, arthritis, lipedema, and chronic venous insufficiency.

A healthy lymphatic system is a prerequisite for a healthy and functional body with proper blood circulation, good lymph flow, and body fluid balance.

Manual lymphatic drainage can improve quality of life if you practice lymphatic massage regularly and by a qualified therapist.

Who is a Candidate For Lymph Drainage Massage Therapy?

Lymphatic drainage massage can be a good choice for those who have a problem with the lymphatic system that accumulates fluid and toxins in the body. Manual lymphatic drainage is a good option for people who enjoy massage and want to boost their immune system and blood circulation.

Knowing the benefits of manual lymph drainage for reducing cellulite it is also a solution for women who wants to improve the looks of their skin and body.

Lymphatic drainage massages stimulate the lymphatic system, increasing detoxification and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

Yukie Natori, a spa salon in New York City offers you lymphatic massage, which you can combine with other beauty treatments. Our lymphatic therapy is personalized to your needs and in combination with other treatments Yukie Natori NYC tries to improve your overall well-being.

Our ambiance of calmness and relaxation brings additional benefits to your body.

Who Should Avoid a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is not recommended for people with problems with heart, kidney, and liver problems and a stroke history. Also, if you have some infectious skin problems, or open wounds avoid this type of massage technique.

How Much Does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cost?

The cost of the lymphatic drainage massage may vary depending on the place, therapist, location, and duration. You can also ask your insurance provider if this kind of therapy is covered by insurance.

At Yukie Natori in NYC, you can take a 50-min massage at the price of $170. Also, we have a special offer of PACKAGES:

3 treatments- $150 each

6 treatments- $140 each

10 treatments -$120 each

Call us at 646.649.5324 to schedule an appointment with our massage therapist today, or book your treatment online.


The lymphatic system has a crucial role in collecting lymphatic fluid and returning it to the heart via lymph nodes and lymph vessels. If something is wrong with your lymphatic system, the lymphatic fluid stays in your arms and legs, and the first sign that you have a problem is swelling in these parts of your body.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a good choice to prevent disruption of your lymphatic system and helps your body to be fully functional.

Practicing lymphatic drainage massages frequently is a way to take care of yourself, be healthy and improve the look of your body and skin.

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