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Yukie Natori New York introduces our most uptodate services.

Japanese Straightening

With Japanese hair straightening, human hair is permanently straightened with a special solution. The hair is then rinsed, then separated into sections dried and ironed. Versatile, professional straightening and smoothing system. This non-formaldehyde, thio-based solution allows for a variety of finishes from sleek to smooth and can be used for permanent straightening services.

Attention.: Hair types that are not suitable for Japanese hair straightening

Bleached hair, highlighted hair, high-damaged hair, and very fine hair are not suitable for Japanese straightening.

Brazilian BlowOut 

World Famous Smoothing Treatment Eliminates Frizz, Improves Hair Health And Cuts Styling Time For Up To 12 Weeks.
Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Helps reduce styling time at home. Non-damaging and can be applied to high damage hair.

Control Smoothing

Your hair is too frizzy or unruly Your hair tends to puff up and it bothers you You are worried Japanese Straightening might make your hair too flat Your bangs tend to float up due to the way they grew in Your hair has lost its original shine You are in a style rut due to the way your hair grows


Yukie Natori New York Salon has transported Japanese stylists who has experienced for over 10 years to New York City. Stylists are very articulate and capable of achieving customer’s desired hair style. Use high quality L’Oreal products.

Digital Perm

Unlike the traditional perm, we wrap the hair around heat-emitting rods to create shape-memory curls. Compared to the traditional perm that creates curls when wet, curls made through the Digital Perm process will reveal themselves when the hair is dry.

Air Wave

The Air Wave uses the “power of air” to control the temperature and moisture level of hair to produce incredibly natural texture. Gorgeous, airy, and lush texture. A silky finish that can be recreated again and again. –Cutting edge technology born from air– The perm styling possibilities are endless.

Olaplex Treatment

By coloring and highlighting with Olaplex No. 1 at the salon and salon treatment with No. 2, you can minimize the damage to your hair.By regular home care with No3, No4, and No5, you can keep your hair clean and strong. If you want to maximize the effect of Olaplex, it is better for your hair to combine them in the same series.

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Milbon Treatment

Smooth/ Moisturizes and softens dry and hardened hair. The coating effect makes hair smooth to the touch and protects it from damage. 3 types of treatment are applied with nano-steam and heat for better nourishment of hair.

Includes 4 weeks of home care treatment.
Repair/ Internal repair for damaged hair. This treatment nourishes the hair from both inside and outside. By replenishing nutrients from the inside, hair is left shiny, moist, manageable, soft, and smooth.
Includes 4 weeks of home care treatment

Rejuvenation Hair Treatement

Acid Blowout

The highest quality treatment recommended by YNNY-Hair.

This treatment is designed to restore the health of hair that has been severely damaged by repeated color, straightening, or perming. Keratin protein and glyoxylic acid are used to nourish the hair from the inside out, and then the heat is used to adhere and coat the hair. This treatment is especially effective for severely damaged hair, and the best results are achieved with a course of three treatments.

It is important to use a special shampoo and treatment at home to maintain the effect.

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