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Eyelash Extension Styles: How to Choose the Best Eyelash for You?

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Eyelash extensions have emerged as a transformative trend that helps individuals achieve fluttery, voluminous lashes without the demand for mascara or falsies.

The popularity of eyelash extensions stems from their ability to enhance natural lashes, providing a long-lasting and effortlessly chic look.

For the full experience of eyelash extension power, it is crucial to recognize and choose the proper extension styles. The right eyelash extension style can make a significant difference in how the extensions complement individual features. 

At Yukie Natori Salon and Spa, we offer new trends and innovations to the beauty industry and lash extension. Also, our lash technician is awarded thanks to his techniques and results.

Types of Eyelash Extension Styles

Eyelash extensions come in a variety of styles, each catering to different preferences and desired looks. 

Understanding the various types of eyelash extension styles is critical to achieving a look that suits your aesthetic preferences and complements your unique features. 

The most common eyelash extension styles are:

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are the foundation of eyelash extensions, providing a natural and timeless look. Classic lashes are of medium thickness and involve attaching one extension to each natural lash. These lashes are perfect for those searching for subtle enhancement without an overly dramatic effect.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are for those who want to get the effect of fullness and a more dramatic look. Volume lashes involve attaching multiple lightweight extensions to a single natural lash, creating a more voluminous look. This type of eyelash extension style is for glamourous appearance and style.

Russian Volume lashes

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume lashes are an enhancement for volume lashes where several lash fans are attached to each natural lash, creating a notably full and dark look. You will get the ultra-dramatic and intense look of your eyes and much longer lashes than yours. 

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes represent a combination of classic and volume lashes offering a textured and multidimensional appearance. This style involves a mix of single extensions and lash fans. This lash technique combines natural and longer lengths for a balanced look.

Cat Eye Lashes

Cat eye eyelash extensions are designed to elongate the eyes by placing longer extensions at the outer corners, creating a feline-inspired look. Cat eye style may be your choice if you want a lifted and elongated eye shape.

A similar option is doll-style lash extensions that involve placing longer extensions in the center of the lash line, creating an open and doll-like appearance. 

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Yukie Natory Salon and Spa is one step forward regarding eyelash extension styles, and we offer Japanese eyelash extensions – the pinnacle of innovation and quality in the industry.

Japanese eyelash

Japanese lash extensions are precisely developed to replicate the texture, curl, and thickness of your natural lashes, ensuring a remarkably realistic finish. Crafted with premium materials that prioritize the health of your lashes, the gentle yet resilient adhesive guarantees secure extensions without causing damage or irritation, and with our stylist’s top-tier application and lash design skills, expect individually applied, long-lasting lashes.

Understanding different eyelash extensions styles allows you to choose the best eyelash extension style based on your desired level of drama, naturalness, and personal style.

Eyelash Extension Styles for Different Eye Shapes

If you want to make the right decision about lash extension style for you, you need to know your eye shape. Choosing the right eyelash extension style according to your eye shape can enhance your natural eye shape, providing a customized and flattering look.

best eyelash extensions

As the typical eye shape you may find these:

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are considered the most versatile shape, characterized by an oval shape with a slightly upswept outer corner. Almond eyes, with their balanced proportions, can pull off various lash styles.

Classic, hybrid, or volume lashes all emphasize their natural eyelashes beauty.

Round Eyes

Round eyes have a visible crease and are characterized by an equal amount of white space above and below the iris. For round eyes, cat-eye lash extensions can elongate and lift the eyes. Volume lash styles with longer extensions at the outer corners can also achieve a flattering effect.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a fold of skin that droops over the crease, making the eyelid less visible. Volume lash extensions or doll-eye lashes work well for hooded eyes, creating the illusion of larger, more open eyes. Focus on longer extensions at the center to counteract the hooded appearance.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes have a natural lift at the outer corners, making them appear uplifted. Upturned eyes can benefit from classic lashes for a natural look or cat-eye lashes to accentuate their lifted shape. Volume lashes can also enhance the overall drama.

Small Eyes

Small eyes are characterized by a shorter distance between the brow bone and the lower lash line, and lashes for small eyes should aim to open up and widen the gaze.

For small eyes opt for lighter, wispy eyelash extensions that focus on elongating the inner and outer corners, providing a subtle lift for a more open and expressive look.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes have a slight droop at the outer corners. To counteract the downturned appearance, consider cat-eye extensions for an uplifting effect. Volume lashes with longer extensions at the outer corners can also complement downturned eyes.

Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes have a larger gap between them. Volume lashes, especially with longer extensions at the inner corner, can enhance the overall look. Classic lashes can also provide a balanced and elegant look.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes lack a visible crease and have a flatter appearance. Hybrid lashes or a mix of classic and volume can add depth and dimension. Consider a lash style that flares at the outer corners for a lifted look.

How To Choose The Right Eyelash Extensions?

Choosing the right eyelash extensions involves considering various factors to ensure a look that complements your natural features.

You can start by defining your desired style. Determine if you want a more natural eyelash extension style, or a more dramatic, glamorous appearance. Of course, you need to understand your eye shape to get maximum effect and the best results by choosing a specific lash extension style.

types of eylashes style

Familiarize yourself with popular lash extension styles, because each lash style offers a unique effect, and knowing their characteristics will help you make an informed decision.

Keep in mind, that lash material is also essential, and you can choose between various materials, including synthetic, mink, and silk. Synthetic lashes are more affordable, while mink and silk provide a softer, more natural appearance.

Determine the desired length and curl that suits your style. Longer extensions can create a more dramatic look, while a subtle curl enhances natural beauty.

Your lifestyle may also influence your decision, especially considering maintenance. If you have a busy lifestyle, you might prefer low-maintenance lashes.

To keep your eyelash extensions looking fresh, schedule regular fills. This ensures that gaps are filled in, maintaining a polished and consistent appearance.

Popular Eyelash Extension Styles and Trends

In the beauty and eyelash industry, trends are ever-evolving, offering endless possibilities for those seeking to redefine their gaze.

Some of the current popular eyelash extension styles and trends are:

  • Wispy and Feathered Lashes
  • Colored Lashes
  • Textured Lashes
  • Kim K-Inspired Mega Volume
  • Bottom Lash Extensions
  • Gradient Lashes
  • Natural-Looking Lashes

You can explore these lash extension styles and find inspiration for your eyelash extension journey.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your lash comfort zone. Experimenting with different styles is the key to discovering what resonates best with your personality, lifestyle, and desired aesthetic.

Choosing the right eyelash extension style is not just about following trends, it’s a personal journey to accentuate your beauty.

The most important when you choosing lash extension styles is to find a highly skilled lash stylist and our experienced and awarded lash technician may be the best solution for you.

Yukie Natori Salon offers high-quality and the newest generation of eyelash extensions from Japan.

Book now your eyelash treatment and embrace the power of beautiful, expressive eyes!

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