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Yukie Natori New York is located in the midtown Manhattan, New York. Yukie Natori New York has been open since 1993. Yukie Natori, the founder of Yukie Nail New York, is delicated to provide Japanese style nail arts to New York City for over 25 years. Japanese style nail arts is not just taking care of nails, but nail services as a whole including pre & after care services. Her passion results the quality of customer services that it is rare to see at a nail salon any other places in New York City. Yukie Nail New York has over 400 variety of color selections, and provide variety of complimentary beverages such as white and red wine, coffee, tea, etc, to the customers. Yukie Nail New York is famously known for Gel Nail, and will continuously be the one of the best Gel Nail service provider in New York City.




Empire Nail School of Tokyo Ginza, Aoyama, Dean
N.Y Cosmo Co,Ltd, A Representative Director
The State of New York Nail Specialist License, New York
The State of New York Cosmetology Licence, New York
NPO corp. of Japan Nailist (Specialist) Association main office, an official member, Japan
Official Proctor for qualifying nail specialty exam held by NPO corp. of Japan Nailist (Specialist) Association, Japan
Official Judge for Nail & Beauty Contests held by NPO corp. of Japan Nailist (Specialist) Association, Japan
Official Judge for International Nail Expo held by NPO corp. of Japan Nailist (Specialist) Association, Japan
Guest Instructor at PAN MAKEUP SCHOOL in Minami-Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Cosmetologist License, Japan
Administer of Japanese Cosmetologist License, Japan
License for Hair Adviser, Japan
License for Japan Association of Kimono Dresser, Japan
License for Aroma Therapist, Japan
License for Reflexologist, Japan
License for Color Coordinate, Japan

Business:Nail and Spa Salon Operation, Nail School Operation, Hair Salon Operation, Overseas Study Placement, New York State License Support, Lits Cosmetics Official New York Distributor, CosmeProud Official Distributor, ASA College New York Japan Official Distributor, Christine Valmy Esthetic School Japan Agent

39 West 56th Street New York, NY 10019
Salon Hours : Mon-Sat 11am-9pm / Sun 11am-8pm