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deep tissue massage near me

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a technique used to treat more deep layers of muscle to relieve tension and pain. During deep tissue massage therapist uses slow and firm pressure to target tissue surrounding muscles such as tendons and fascia.

Deep tissue massage is widely used by those with sports injuries and chronic pain in the neck and shoulders.

If you use it regularly and with the right therapist deep tissue massage can help to heal specific problems such as fall and sports injuries, muscle spasms, and strain injuries.


Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage brings a lot of physical and health benefits.


Deep tissue massage is good for stress reduction and relaxation of the whole body. Reduction of any rigidity lower emotional stress following suffering.

Reduce pain

Deep tissue massage techniques are well known as a massage therapy that treats chronic pain such as osteoarthritis pain, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, pain in the lower back, and chronic back pain. All those conditions follow muscle tension that produces constant pain. Once you eliminate this tension you reduce pain.

Improve circulation

Muscle tightness and rigid tissue usually lead to poor circulation. Deep tissue massage restores the normal function of the muscle and improves circulation.

Lower blood pressure and heart rate

Improved circulation and relaxation of the muscle certainly impact blood pressure and heart rate.

Help with healing after injuries

Deep tissue massage speeds up recovery after injuries and even helps to break up scar tissue by improving circulation and minimizing stiffness in that area. Deep tissue massage helped by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation to the body to heal faster after injuries.

Increase range of motion

Improve circulation with reduced stiffness increase flexibility and range of motion

Improve overall health

Considering all these positive results deep tissue massage helps to improve overall health.


What to Expect Before and During the Massage?

Before you start your massage it is good to talk with the therapist about your overall health condition and the area you want to treat. Deep tissue massages are individually tailored to the patient’s need and usually last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Once you are ready for the massage the therapist will ask you to lie down on the massage table on your back or stomach depending on the area you want to treat. You will be under the sheet and underdress to the point that you feel comfortable.

The therapy usually starts with a lighter touch to warm up the muscles. Only after your body and muscles are warmed up and prepared, your therapist will start with deeper strokes to the target area.

During the deep tissue massages, the therapist will use fingers, hands, and even the elbow to achieve needed pressure.


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To get the most out of massage therapy you need to hydrate your body before and after massage. Also, it is recommended not to work out right after deep tissue massage.

If you want to maximize the effects of deep tissue massage you should combine it with other recovery techniques.

The most important is to be regular with massage and to follow instructions from your therapist before and after the massage.


Swedish Massage vs. Deep Tissue


The main difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage is the type of pressure applied during the therapy. Swedish massage is based on gentle and firm pressure, while during deep tissue massage therapists use deep pressure and strong strokes to treat pain and muscles.


These two types of massage are based on different massage techniques used by massage therapists. Swedish massage includes five main techniques which therapists use during the treatment. Deep tissue massages evolve from Swedish massage and feature other movements with different amounts of intense pressure, such as cross-fiber friction, active release technique, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.


Swedish massage is used for relaxation as an antistress therapy to decrease the feeling of tension caused by everyday activities.

Deep tissue massage therapy is for those with chronic pain from sports and other injuries.

It is the best solution for sportsmen, runners, and athletes. The main focus is on pain relief and recovery.

Treated area

Deep tissue massage reaches out to the deepest layers of muscles as tendons and facia.

Swedish massage treats superficial muscles to relieve tension.


Who is Deep Tissue Massage for?


deep tissue massage near me

Deep tissue massage is suitable for those with chronicle pain and you should always consult your doctor before you try this kind of massage therapy.

As a massage therapy that treats deeper layers of muscle, it is a better solution for those with a certain level of pain tolerance.

Even deep tissue massage is considered totally safe you should avoid it if you have some of these conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Blood disorder and blood clots
  • High blood pressure
  • Problems with the skin and open wound


How Much Does Deep Tissue Massage Cost?

The cost of the deep tissue massage may vary depending on the location, spa center, therapist, and duration. You can also ask your insurance provider if your insurance covers this therapy.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does it hurt?

If you are using deep tissue massage for pain relief or to treat some injuries, you can feel a certain amount of pain or discomfort.

You should know that you can always tell your therapist to slow movement and be gentle with that area. Successful deep tissue work shouldn’t have to be painful.

Are there any side effects?

Occasionally people feel some symptoms after the massage as tiredness, dizziness,  and even headache. These unpleasant feelings shouldn’t last more than two days.

If you notice lingering soreness you can use a heating pad or cold pack to reduce soreness after a massage.

How often should I have deep tissue massage?

How often you should have deep tissue massage depends on the condition and problems that you treat. Sometimes you need to have frequent massage treatment for recovery, and on some occasions once a week is enough.

How to find the right therapist?

It is a common question for all who want to try this type of massage for the first time. You can always ask your doctor for a recommendation and of course, people from your surrounding.

If you are searching for a therapist in New York City, call our salon at 646.649.5324 and schedule a treatment with our professional massage therapist today. 



Deep tissue massage offers not just physical benefits but also a lot of benefits for your mental health.

This massage therapy improves sports performance, breaks up scar tissue, reduces pain and inflammation, helps to eliminate muscle soreness and tense muscles, and eases lower back pain.

Even if you don’t have sports-related injuries and you want to improve the functional capacity of your body, a deep-tissue massage is a good choice for you.

At Yukie Natori Salon & Spa from New York, NY, we believe in a holistic approach to the body and offer a combination of different massage techniques.

If you are interested to find out more about this treatment, call us for more information or schedule an appointment.

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