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Bamboo Massage

What Is Bamboo Massage Therapy?

Bamboo massage is a unique way to provide Swedish massage and Deep tissue massage in which therapists use bamboo sticks of different sizes.

bamboo massage in nyc

Bamboo massage therapy offers a holistic approach and balances the body, brain, and whole energy.

If you are wondering why bamboo?

Bamboo is considered a powerful plant in some cultures, especially in Japan, China, and Indonesia, and represents a symbol of strength, fertility, and prosperity, known for its healing properties.


How Bamboo Massage Therapy Works

The preparation process for Bamboo massage is the same as any other massage. First, you should consult a massage therapist and discuss your health and expectations, and then define the area you want to treat the most.

You can also combine Bamboo massage with other massages or beauty treatments. Visit our website, Yukie Naturi New York Salon & Spa, and find out what treatments we offer.

The main difference between Bamboo and Deep tissue massage is that therapists use bamboo canes instead of hands. Bamboo sticks come in a few different sizes to help therapists to achieve deeper pressure thanks to their design. During the massage, a therapist can change the length and width of the bamboo depending on the area and type of strokes he wants to produce.

Lighter movement with smaller bamboo sticks brings relaxation and regeneration of the body and the brain, while the intensive pressure with different lengths of bamboo tools allows deeper kneading that relieves pain and helps with healing.


Bamboo Massage Therapy Benefits

bamboo sticks for masaage terapy in new york

Bamboo massage therapy has a lot of benefits for your body and brain including:

Stimulating circulation in the body

It is one of the most common advantages of Bamboo massage therapy. As with other techniques, such as Swedish massage and Deep tissue massage, Bamboo massage therapy stimulates blood circulation, bringing oxygen to muscles and improving lymphatic drainage.

Improving your skin

Bamboo extract contains silica which helps the body to absorb essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and others. It is also a popular oxidant that can help with psoriasis and eczema, and even minimize wrinkles.

Helping with sleep problems and insomnia

Bamboo massage therapy reduces muscle tension and brings relaxation to the body. Relaxing and a paintless body increase sleep quality and prevent insomnia.

Relaxing body and mind

When the therapist uses light and gentle movement with bamboo tools it easily puts the body in a state of total relaxation, referred to as meditation.


Who Can Benefit From Bamboo Massage Therapy

massage with bamboo cane

Bamboo massage therapy could be a good option for those who want to feel better and try to help themselves, especially with problems such as:

  • Shoulder, neck, and back pain
  • Limited mobility
  • Anxiety, depression, and sleeping problems
  • Lymphatic drainage problems and poor circulation
  • Insufficient absorption of minerals
  • Skins problems such as psoriases and eczema
  • Reduced sensory nerve perception

Maybe you don’t have any of these issues, but if you want to improve your skin tone, Bamboo massage is the right choice for you.

Experienced professionals of Yukie Naturi Spa in NYC can help you with all these problems, especially if you choose some of our special packages.


Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo fusion massage is the same as a typical bamboo massage when therapists combined it with other techniques such as shiatzu, Ayurveda, or Thai to achieve a synergistic effect. This treatment provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.


Warm Bamboo Massage Therapy

bamboo and stones for warm massage

During the warm bamboo massage, the therapist uses heated bamboo tools. Bamboo canes are heated with a heating pad and wrapped with a towel to hold that temperature. This therapeutic massage technique is similar to hot stone massage, but bamboo cane keeps the heat longer than stones. Warm bamboo sticks help to soften the muscle very fast and penetrate deeper into the tissue.

Bamboo Massage Therapy Costs

The costs of the Bamboo massage vary from place to place, location, technique, and duration.

At Yukie Naturi Spa in Manhattan, we offer a 50min Bamboo massage treatment at the cost of $129, but if you choose a packet of 3 Bamboo treatments of 50 min. it will cost you only $375.

Call us at 646.649.5324 to schedule an appointment with our massage therapist today.



Bamboo massage is a therapeutic massage with a long history in alternative medicine. An additional benefit of this massage is not just client satisfaction but therapist prevention from injuries with less pressure on the practitioner’s hands. People who have experienced Bamboo massage explain it as an extraordinary revitalizing experience.

If you want to find out more about this treatment or any other, feel free to contact us by calling 646.649.5324. Our professionals will answer every question.

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