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4 hand massage

What is 4 hand massage?

4-hand massage represents a unique type of massage in which two therapists massage you simultaneously. During the 4-hand massage, two therapists synchronize their movements to create an extraordinary massage experience with deep relaxation and tension relief.

With the four hands working in unison, this body massage brings numerous benefits to the body and mind.

If you are searching for a way to enhance your wellness experience, it is time to try the four-hand massage known as king massage. And yes, this sounds like you get two full-body massages in one, and it is worth trying.

What to Expect During a 4-Hand Massage?

Four hands massage resembles other massage therapies people often choose to relax or alleviate physical difficulties.

The massage therapist may use different types of massage techniques as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or aromatherapy massage to meet your needs and preferences.

Generally, your massage session will start with a preparation that includes a welcome from therapists and an explanation about massage therapy. They will answer all your questions and ensure you feel comfortable throughout the session.

Before the massage, the therapist may ask you about your specific health condition, the area of the body you want to treat more, and the massage pressure that you prefer. This information helps the therapist to fill your expectation from massage.

full body massages

Massage offers a holistic approach to nurturing the body and soul, so the therapists set up the atmosphere in the massage room with relaxation music, soft lights, or candles. The therapists may use aromatic oil to create a pleasant feeling for all senses.

Our professionals will combine techniques such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to address your needs, maintaining perfect synchronization throughout the session. They may use long, flowing strokes, kneading, circular motions, stretching, and other techniques to provide a comprehensive and balanced massage. The focus will be on different body parts to ensure that all groups of muscles are threatening and relaxed.

Two therapists who work with four hands may cover larger body areas simultaneously, creating deep relaxation and meditation. The rhythmic movement increases the effectiveness of massage and promotes a high level of relaxation and relief.

Do not hesitate to communicate with therapists during the four-hand massage about your feeling and the body area you want therapists to focus on.

At the end of the massage, therapists will slow down movement gradually and try to return your body and mind to a state of alertness.

Benefits of 4-Hand Massage

The power of four hands massage comes from many benefits that this massage brings to the body and soul compared to a regular massage.

Physical Benefits:

  • Deep muscle tension relief

Two therapists may apply two different massage techniques together, which relieve muscle tension and provide deep muscle relaxation. Two masseurs synchronized moves on both sides of the body and apply the same pressure on a client, boosting muscle relaxation.

  • Increased blood circulation

Moving in harmony and stimulating different body areas, therapists boost blood flow in the body. Also, when the body is relaxed, blood vessels attend to expand, allowing for improved blood circulation and additional blood flow.

4 hand massage benefits

  • improved lymphatic drainage

The rhythmic movement applied by the therapists stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in the detoxification and extraction of waste products from the body.

  • better physical mobility

By combining different styles of massage simultaneously, a four hands massage enhances muscle flexibility and improves joint range of motion, resulting in enhanced overall physical health.

Psychological benefits:

  • stress reduction

Most of the stress accumulates in the muscles, so with relieving muscle tension comes stress reduction and relaxation feeling.

  • deep mental relaxation

The harmony of movement with the spa atmosphere affects the mind and promotes a calm and peaceful state of mind.

  • increase endorphins

This kind of massage with the unique experience often stimulates the secretion of endorphins, hormones of happiness promoting a sense of good feeling and well-being.

The combined efforts of the therapists double all the benefits and help you to establish a better body and mind connection.

Costs of Four Hand Massage With Two Therapists

We offer this exclusive massage experience at the price of:

  • 50min $220, and
  • 80min $290

Generally, a four hands massage is considered a premium service due to the benefits you get and the fact that massage involves two experienced and good massage therapists.

Comparison With Other Massage Therapy

Comparing four hands with regular massage there are a few additional features that this massage technique brings. A dual therapist’s experience gives synergetic effects and provides a higher stimulation resulting in a more comprehensive and immersive massage session. Four-hand massage increases the connection between body and mind, which allows you to be more present at the moment and feel more pleasant in everyday life.

Massage time optimization by achieving more benefits with a shorter time at the session, compared to a normal massage.

tandem massage - premium service

This powerful treatment offers a unique and distinctive experience providing the luxurious sensation of being massaged by two therapists.

You get a deeper relaxation experience because the mind reacts differently when two therapists work in a very logical order and hit the client’s body.

Why Choose 4-Hand Massage?

Choosing a four hands massage can offer a range of compelling reasons and unique advantages that set it apart from other body massage techniques.

Four-handed massage can be a good choice for those experiencing a hard time in life, and want something that can bring new and different energy to their body and soul.

Four-handed massage offers a deeper relaxation and balance by creating a unique sensory experience and a more harmonious state of being.

For those who experience some tension, sore muscles, tightness, or discomfort four hand massage provides comprehensive muscle relief by targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously and with a combination of massage techniques.

Maybe you want to try something new and different from regular massage techniques or to add a bit of luxury into your life, and a four-handed massage can provide a truly unique massage experience.

If you want a memorable spa experience for mind, body, and soul, four hands massage is an excellent choice. The dual therapist approach creates an ambiance of luxury and pampering that leaves a lasting impression.

Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with a four-hand massage and discover the power of benefits it offers.

Book your 4 hands massage today, and allow our experienced therapists to introduce you to another lever of massage pleasure.

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